Wrist Watch Replacement Battery
Wrist Watch Replacement Battery
Button cells are used to power small portable electronic devices such as wristwatches and pocket calculators. Wider variants are usually called coin cells.

Silver-Oxide/Alkaline Button/Coin Cell Batteries

Button/coin cell batteries, commonly employed in wristwatches, are a type of non-rechargeable battery.

They encompass various chemistry types, with the most prevalent being alkaline and silver-oxide batteries.

Additionally, there are zinc-air batteries available, primarily utilized as hearing aid batteries. However, their usage in watches is limited due to their relatively short lifespan.

Formerly, mercury-oxide batteries were extensively utilized in wristwatches. However, their usage has ceased due to environmental concerns associated with their mercury content.

A comparison of these chemistries is given in the following table:


Chemistry Alkaline Silver-Oxide Zinc Air Mercury-Oxide
Voltage 1.5V 1.55V 1.4 -1.45V 1.35V
Notes Voltage drops over time Very constant voltage Slightly lower voltage,
large capacity; mostly used as hearing aid batteries
Slightly lower voltage contains mercury;
not in use anymore
Typical Labels LR##,LR####,AG## SR##.SR##SW.SR####SW, SG## PR##,P##,Z## MR##,MR####
Typical LR626,SR626SW Capacity 15-17 mAh 25-27 mAh    


Alkaline batteries: Alkaline button/coin cell batteries are economical and reliable power sources. They typically maintain a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts, although this voltage decreases as the battery is depleted. However, due to the constant and relatively high voltage required by many wristwatches, the actual capacity of alkaline batteries may seem low, necessitating frequent replacements. Conversely, when used in devices tolerant of lower battery voltage, alkaline batteries offer a larger nominal capacity, resulting in longer usage times. Generally, newer alkaline batteries boast a shelf life of at least 3-5 years.

Silver Oxide batteries: Silver-oxide button/coin cell batteries are highly favored for wristwatches. They are cost-effective, with shelf lives often exceeding 10 years. These batteries maintain a consistent voltage output during operation, closely matching the nominal voltage of alkaline batteries (1.55 V compared to 1.50 V). Notably, the typical capacity of silver-oxide batteries, such as the SR626SW, ranges from 25-27 mAh, surpassing the capacity of equivalent alkaline LR626 batteries (15-17 mAh).

Here's the optimized cross-reference chart of common button/coin cell wristwatch batteries:

Diameter x Height
Silver Oxide
Alkaline Amazon Search
4.8 x 1.6 mm SR416, SR416SW, SR416S, 337 LR416 SR416SW Battery
5.8 x 1.6 mm SR516, SR516SW, SR62, 317 LR516, LR62 317 Battery
5.8 x 2.1 mm SR521, SR521S, SR521SW, SR63, 379, SG0, AG0 LR521, LR63, AG0 SR521SW Battery
5.8 x 2.7 mm SR527, SR527S, SR527SW, SR64, 319 LR527, LR64 319 Battery
6.8 x 1.65 mm SR616, SR616W, SR616SW, 321, V321 - SR616SW Battery
6.8 x 2.1 mm SR621, SR621SW, SR60, 164, 364, SG1, AG1 LR621, LR60, AG1 SR621SW Battery
6.8 x 2.6 mm SR626, SR626SW, SR66, 177, 376, 377, SG4, AG4 LR626, LR66, AG4 SR626SW Battery
7.9 x 1.3 mm SR712, SR712S, SR712SW, 346 - 346 Battery
7.9 x 1.65 mm SR716, SR716SW, SR67, 315 - 315 Battery
7.9 x 2.1 mm SR721, SR721W, SR721SW, SR721PW, SR58, 162, 361, 362, SG11, AG11 LR721, LR58, AG11 SR721SW Battery
7.9 x 2.6 mm SR726, SR726W, SR726SW, SR726PW, SR59, 196, 396, 397, SG2, AG2 LR59, LR726, AG2 396 Battery
7.9 x 3.1 mm SR731, SR731SW, 24, 329 LR731 329 Battery
7.9 x 3.6 mm SR41, SR736, SR736PW, SR736SW, SG3, AG3, 192, 384, 392 LR41, LR736, AG3 384 Battery
7.9 x 5.4 mm SR754, SR754W, SR754SW, SR754PW, SR48, 193, 309, 393, SG5, AG5 LR754, LR48, L750, AG5 393 Battery
9.5 x 1.6 mm SR916SW, SR68, 373, SR916 LR916 SR916SW Battery
9.5 x 2.1 mm SR920W, SR920SW, SR920PW, SR920, SR921, SR69, 171, 370, 371, SG6, AG6 LR920, LR921, AG6 SR920SW Battery
9.5 x 2.6 mm SR927W, SR927SW, SR927PW, SR927, SR926, SR57, 395, 399, SG7, AG7 LR57, LR927, LR926, AG7 395 Battery
9.5 x 3.6 mm SR936, SR936SW, SR45, 194, 394, SG9, AG9 LR45, LR936, AG9 394 Battery
11.6 x 1.65 mm SR1116, SR1116W, SR1116SW, SR1116PW, 365, 366, S16, 608 - 365 Battery
11.6 x 2.1 mm SR1120W, SR1120SW, SR1120PW, SR1121, SR55, 191, 381, 391, SG8, AG8 LR1120, LR1121, LR55, V8GA, AG8 381 Battery
11.6 x 3.1 mm SR1130W, SR1130SW, SR1130PW, SR1131, SR54, 189, 387, 389, 390, AG10 LR1130, LR1131, LR54, V10GA, AG10 389 Battery
11.6 x 3.6 mm SR1116, SR1116S, SR1116SW, SR1116PW, 366 - 366 Battery
11.6 x 4.2 mm SR43W, SR43, SR43SW, 386, 301, AG12, SR1142, SR1142SW LR43, AG12, LR1142 386 Battery
11.6 x 5.4 mm SR44W, SR44, SR44SW, 157, 357, 303, SG13, AG13, S76, A76, SR1154 LR44, 76A, AG13, LR1154, A76 357 Battery

The most common silver-oxide wristwatch batteries are SR626SW (SW - Silver, Watch) battery, but other batteries are used as well, like SR920SW, SR616SW, SR916SW, SR621, SR416SW, SR521SW, SR721SW, etc.

SR626SW 377 626 Watch Battery

The SR626SW watch battery is a coin-cell silver-oxide battery with dimensions of 6.8 x 2.6 mm. It boasts a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts and a nominal capacity ranging from 25-27 mAh, with a cutoff voltage of approximately 1.2 volts.

The actual capacity and runtime of the SR626SW battery depend on various factors such as constant current drain, temperature fluctuations, device cutoff voltage, battery age, and more.

Compared to the LR626 alkaline battery of the same size, the SR626SW offers several advantages. It provides a more stable voltage, a larger capacity (25-27 mAh compared to 15-17 mAh), a higher cutoff voltage (1.2 volts versus 1.0 volts), and a longer shelf life (5-7+ years versus 3-5 years).

The SR626SW battery is also labeled under various other names, including 177, 376, 377, AG4, SG4, SR66, and SR626. Similarly, the LR626 battery may be labeled as 177, 376, 377, or AG4.

It's essential to ensure that when purchasing a replacement SR626SW battery, the packaging indicates that it is a silver-oxide battery, as this type is recommended for watches due to its stability and longevity.

When acquiring SR626SW batteries, opt for reputable brands that have undergone testing in numerous real-world applications to ensure reliability and performance.

For the latest offers and prices on SR626SW batteries, consider checking the product listings on Amazon. [SR626SW Battery Amazon link]

SR920SW Watch Battery


The SR920SW watch battery is a button/coin-cell silver-oxide non-rechargeable battery, measuring 9.5 x 2.1 mm in size. It delivers a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts, with a nominal capacity ranging from 35-55 mAh and a cutoff voltage of 1.2 volts.

Various factors influence the actual capacity and runtime of the SR920SW battery, including constant current drain, pulse current drain, temperature variations, battery age, device cutoff voltage, and more.

For instance, the Energizer 370/371 battery, discharged over 33kΩ at 21°C, offers a nominal capacity of 34 mAh. It exhibits a self-discharge rate of <2% annually at 20°C and <0.5% annually at 0°C. The actual capacity of the battery increases when discharged with weaker currents.

Compared to the LR920 alkaline battery of the same size, the SR920SW battery boasts several advantages. It maintains a more stable voltage, offers a larger capacity (35-55 mAh compared to 25-30 mAh), a higher cutoff voltage (1.2 volts versus 0.9-1.0 volts), and a longer shelf life (5-7+ years versus 3-5 years).

The SR920SW battery is also known by other labels, including SR69, SR920W, SR920PW, SR920, SR921, 171, 370, 371, SG6, and AG6. Similarly, the LR920 battery may be labeled as LR69, LR921, or AG6.

It's essential to ensure that when purchasing replacement SR920SW batteries, the packaging clearly indicates that they are silver-oxide batteries, as this type is recommended for watches due to its reliability and longevity.

When selecting SR920SW batteries, opt for reputable brands that have undergone rigorous testing in various real-world scenarios to ensure performance and durability.

For the latest offers and prices on SR920SW batteries, consider checking the product listings on Amazon. [SR920SW Battery Amazon link]


Lithium Button/Coin Cell Batteries

Lithium button/coin cells predominantly consist of primary (non-rechargeable) 3V batteries. They feature a lithium negative electrode paired with either manganese dioxide or carbon monofluoride as the positive electrode.

Manganese dioxide lithium batteries, identified by labels starting with 'C', typically operate within a temperature range of -20°C (-4°F) to 70°C (158°F). They maintain a nominal voltage of 3.0 V, with a cutoff voltage of 2.0 V. An example is the CR2032 battery, boasting a typical capacity of approximately 225 mAh.

Carbon monofluoride lithium batteries, labeled with 'B', generally operate within a temperature range of -30°C (-22°F) to 85°C (185°F). These batteries feature a nominal voltage of 2.8 V and a cutoff voltage of 2.25 V. An example is the BR2032 battery, with a typical capacity of around 190 mAh.

BR#### and CR#### batteries are largely interchangeable, with the slightly lower voltage of BR#### batteries posing no significant issue for most common devices. However, for devices operating in extreme temperatures, BR#### batteries are often recommended over CR#### batteries.

Rechargeable lithium button/coin cell batteries typically have lower nominal capacities compared to non-rechargeable CR or BR batteries. However, they offer the advantage of being rechargeable, capable of enduring up to or even exceeding 1000 charging cycles. Commonly labeled as LiR####, these batteries maintain a nominal voltage of 3.6 or 3.7 volts. Additionally, there are rechargeable 3.0-volt VL series (Vanadium Lithium rechargeable battery) and ML series (Manganese Lithium rechargeable battery).

For instance, the LiR2032 (or LIR2032, ML2032, etc.) has a capacity ranging from 50-80 mAh, whereas the CR2032 battery typically offers a capacity of approximately 225 mAh.

Replacing CR or BR batteries with LiR batteries should only be considered if the device operates effectively when powered with 3.6V (instead of 2.8 or 3.0V). The 0.6V difference may cause operational issues or even damage certain devices. However, the potential for over 1000 charging/discharging cycles can yield significant cost savings.

For watches utilizing lithium batteries, opting for a quality CR#### battery is advisable due to its higher capacity. BR#### batteries are preferable for watches intended for use in extreme temperature conditions.

Here's a cross-reference chart of common lithium 3V coin cell batteries:

Diameter x Height
Equivalents/Replacements Amazon Search
9.5 x 2.7 mm CR927, DL927 CR927 Battery
10.0 x 2.5 mm CR1025, DL1025, 5033LC CR1025 Battery
11.5 x 3.0 mm CR1130, DL1130, BR1130, KL1130, L1130 CR1130 Battery
12.5 x 1.6 mm CR1216, DL1216, 5034LC CR1216 Battery
12.5 x 2.0 mm CR1220, DL1220, SB-T13, 5012LC CR1220 Battery
12.5 x 2.5 mm CR1225, DL1225, 5020LC CR1225 Battery
16.0 x 1.6 mm CR1616, DL1616 CR1616 Battery
16.0 x 2.0 mm CR1620, DL1620, 5009LC CR1620 Battery
16.0 x 2.5 mm CR1625 CR1625 Battery
16.0 x 3.2 mm CR1632, DL1632 CR1632 Battery
20.0 x 1.2 mm CR2012, SB-T15 CR2012 Battery
20.0 x 1.6 mm CR2016, DL2016, E-CR2016, SB-T11, 5000LC CR2016 Battery
20.0 x 2.0 mm CR2020 CR2020 Battery
20.0 x 2.5 mm CR2025, DL2025, BR2025, LiR2025, E-CR2025, SB-T14, 5003LC CR2025 Battery
20.0 x 3.2 mm CR2032, DL2032, ECR2032, BR2032, E-CR2032, SB-T51, 5004LC, LiR2032 CR2032 Battery
20.0 x 4.0 mm CR2040 CR2040 Battery
23.0 x 2.0 mm CR2320 CR2320 Battery
23.0 x 2.5 mm CR2325 CR2325 Battery
23.0 x 3.0 mm CR2330, BR2330 CR2330 Battery
23.0 x 3.5 mm CR2335, BR2335 CR2335 Battery
23.0 x 5.4 mm CR2354 CR2354 Battery
24.5 x 1.2 mm CR2412 CR2412 Battery
24.5 x 3.0 mm CR2430 CR2430 Battery
24.5 x 5.0 mm CR2450 CR2450 Battery
24.5 x 7.7 mm CR2477 CR2477 Battery
30 x 3.2 mm CR3032, BR3032 CR3032 Battery

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them.

The most common lithium coin cell wrist watch battery is the CR1216 battery, but other batteries are used as well, like CR2016, CR2032, CR2025, CR2430, CR1220, CR1620, CR1616, etc.

These batteries are commonly used in many small devices, gadgets, and appliances, and getting a new one should not be a problem.

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