AAA NiMH Battery Solutions-Energy Driving Life
Weijiang Power provides AAA NiMH batteries available in various capacities and sizes to fit different devices and applications, including standard AAA size NiMH batteries, slim AAA size NiMH batteries (1/3 AAA size, 2/3 AAA size, and others), larger AAA size NiMH batteries (5/4 AAA, 7/5AAA NiMH battery).

Custom AAA NiMH Battery

Custom AAA NiMH Batteries for Industrial and Commercial Applications

AAA NiMH batteries are rechargeable batteries designed for industrial and commercial applications requiring high performance and reliability. Industrial AAA NiMH batteries typically have a higher capacity and a longer cycle life, which are widely used in two-way radios, barcode scanners, and other electronic applications. They are also designed to withstand more extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. Consumer AAA (triple-A) NiMH batteries are rechargeable batteries commonly used in various electronic devices, such as flashlights, remote controls, and digital cameras. 


AA NiMH Battery Application

The Ultimate Guide to Custom AAA NiMH Batteries

We provide one-stop battery customization solutions for high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective AAA NiMH batteries. As a leading NiMH battery manufacturer in China, we specialize in providing custom AAA NiMH battery solutions for reputable battery brands and other electronic brands worldwide. Whether you need batteries for two-way radios, barcode scanners, medical equipment, or any other industrial application, we can tailor our batteries to meet your specific requirements. Weijiang also has rich experience providing custom consumer AAA NiMH battery solutions, making your battery brand outstanding. 

Custom Options for AA NiMH Battery

Detailed Specifications for AAA NiMH Batteries in All Sizes

  Size  Capacity(mAh)   Voltage(V)  Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Standard Charge Current(mA) Standard Charge Time(h)
1/3AAA 100 1.2 10.5 15.0±0.5 10 12
1/3AAA 120 1.2 10.5 15.0±0.5 12 12
1/3AAA 150 1.2 10.5 17.5±0.5 15 12
1/3AAA 180 1.2 10.5 17.5±0.5 18 12
1/2AAA 200 1.2 10.5 24.5±0.5 20 12
1/2AAA 270 1.2 10.5 24.5±0.5 27 12
2/3AAA 300 1.2 10.5 28.0±0.5 30 12
2/3AAA 350 1.2 10.5 28.0±0.5 35 12
3/5AAA 330 1.2 10.5 32.5±0.5 33 12
3/5AAA 380 1.2 10.5 32.5±0.5 38 12
4/5AAA 450 1.2 10.5 37.5±0.5 45 12
4/5AAA 500 1.2 10.5 37.5±0.5 50 12
AAA 550 1.2 10.5 43.5±0.5 55 12
AAA 600 1.2 10.5 43.5±0.5 60 12
AAA 700 1.2 10.5 43.5±0.5 70 12
5/4AAA 700 1.2 10.5 49.5±0.5 70 12
5/4AAA 800 1.2 10.5 49.5±0.5 80 12
7/5AAA 900 1.2 10.5 66.5±0.5 90 12

Our custom AAA NiMH battery solutions are perfect for businesses looking to power their products with the latest battery technology. With our customizable design options, we can tailor our batteries to meet your specific requirements, including capacity, voltage, and size. By investing in our custom AAA NiMH battery solutions, you can be confident that you are getting the best products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help power your business.

Why Choose Weijiang Power as NiMH Battery Supplier?

Free Battery Samples Available Flexible MOQs (100 pcs) 15 Days Average Lead Time Quick Response within 24 Hours Bulk Order at Factory Prices FCC, RoHS and CE certified
Free Battery Samples Available
Flexible MOQs (From 100 pcs)
15 Days Average Lead Time
Quick Response within 24 Hours
Bulk Order at Factory Prices
FCC, RoHS and CE certified

Case Study-Custom 1/3 AAA NiMH Battery for Shaver Brand
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Custom AAA NiMH Battery
What are the safety certifications or standards for your AAA NiMH batteries?

Our AAA NiMH batteries are certified to UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CE, RoHS, UN38.3 and other standards. Certification requirements will depend on how and where the batteries are used.

How long does it take to design and produce a custom AAA NiMH battery order?

Depending on order size and complexity, a custom AAA NiMH battery design and production run typically takes 10 to 15 days. We work closely with you through each step.

What types of devices are AAA NiMH batteries used in?

AAA NiMH batteries are commonly used to power devices such as toys, gaming controllers, wireless mice, flashlights, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

What is your minimum order quantity for custom AAA NiMH batteries?

Minimum order quantities for custom AAA NiMH batteries typically start around 1,000 to 5,000 units, however, we can produce some small-scale custom orders. Larger volumes provide the most cost-effective pricing.

Do you offer customized private labeling and customized packaging for AAA NiMH batteries?

Yes, we offer customized private labeling and retail packaging design for custom AAA NiMH battery orders, including blister cards, clamshells, boxes, and more options.

Where are your AAA NiMH batteries manufactured?

We manufacture AAA NiMH batteries at ISO-certified factories in China.

How are your AAA NiMH batteries tested?

All AAA NiMH batteries are tested to verify rated capacity, voltage, cycle life, self-discharge, and safety before shipping to the customer. Testing is in accordance with standards such as IEC, UL, CE, etc.

How should AAA NiMH batteries be stored for the best performance?

AAA NiMH batteries should be stored in a cool location at 40-50% capacity for best performance. Storing fully charged or discharged can reduce capacity over time.

What voltages do your AAA NiMH batteries provide?

Our AAA NiMH batteries provide a nominal voltage of 1.2V. While for the AAA NiMH battery packs, we could provide voltages from 2.4V to over 48V, depending on your requirements.

How long will your AAA NiMH batteries stay charged?

When properly maintained, our custom AAA NiMH batteries can hold over 85% of their capacity for up to 2 years.

Do you offer low self-discharge AAA NiMH batteries?

Yes, we produce custom low self-discharge or "ready-to-use" AAA NiMH batteries specifically designed for low self-discharge at a rate of less than 1% per day.

How can I get a quote for custom AAA NiMH batteries?

Please contact us with your custom AAA NiMH battery requirements, such as desired capacity, quantities, sizes, certification needs, and any other specifications. We will evaluate your needs and provide a detailed quote.

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