Custom A NiMH Battery

Reliable A Size NiMH Battery Solution for Wide Applications
 Weijiang Power provides a versatile and reliable A size battery solution that can be used in a wide range of applications where high performance and long battery life are required in a small form factor. We provide standard A size NiMH battery and special sizes, like 1/3 A size, 2/3 A size, and other A sizes


Custom A NiMH Battery

Discover the Possibilities of Custom A NiMH Battery

At Weijiang Power, we offer high-quality A-size NiMH rechargeable batteries that are designed to meet the needs of customers in various industries, from portable audio devices to medical equipment to remote-controlled toys, all with the added benefit of producing less waste and saving money over time. These batteries are an efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective choice for many applications where reliable and high-performance batteries are required. Their small size and high capacity make them ideal for use in a wide range of applications where space is limited, and power requirements are high, like 1/3 A size NiMH batteries are commonly used in remote control cars, boats, planes, and other toys, 1/2 A size NiMH batteries are often used in medical devices such as blood glucose meters, hearing aids, and other portable medical equipment.

A NiMH Battery Applications

Whether you need to power your portable audio player, a small medical device, or a remote-controlled toy, A size NiMH rechargeable batteries offer reliable performance and long-lasting power that you can depend on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help power your brand.

Perfect Custom Solutions for A NiMH battery

At Weijiang Power, we specialize in providing tailored A size NiMH battery solutions for a wide range of applications. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop custom battery solutions that meet their unique performance requirements. Custom A size NiMH batteries can be designed to meet specific voltage, capacity, and shape requirements, making them an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their device's performance and reduce their environmental impact using rechargeable batteries. 

A NiMH Battery Custom Options

Detail Specifications for A NiMH Batteries in All Sizes

  Size  Capacity (mAh)   Voltage (V)  Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Standard Charge Current (mA) Standard Charge Time (h)
1/3A 400 1.2 16.50 17.0±0.5 40 12
1/3A 450 1.2 16.50 17.0±0.5 45 12
1/2A 900 1.2 16.50 28.0±0.5 90 12
1/2A 1000 1.2 16.50 28.0±0.5 100 12
4/5A 1600 1.2 16.50 42.0±0.5 160 12
4/5A 1700 1.2 16.50 42.0±0.5 170 12
4/5A 1800 1.2 16.50 42.0±0.5 180 12
4/5A 2000 1.2 16.50 42.0±0.5 200 12
A 2000 1.2 16.50 49.0±0.5 200 12
A 2100 1.2 16.50 49.0±0.5 210 12
A 2200 1.2 16.50 49.0±0.5 220 12
A 2300 1.2 16.50 49.0±0.5 230 12
7/5A 3300 1.2 16.50 65.0±0.5 330 12
7/5A 3500 1.2 16.50 65.0±0.5 350 12

Why Choose Weijiang Power as NiMH Battery Supplier?

Free Battery Samples Available Flexible MOQs (100 pcs) 15 Days Average Lead Time Quick Response within 24 Hours Bulk Order at Factory Prices FCC, RoHS and CE certified
Free Battery Samples Available
Flexible MOQs (From 100 pcs)
15 Days Average Lead Time
Quick Response within 24 Hours
Bulk Order at Factory Prices
FCC, RoHS and CE certified

Case Study-Custom 1/2A NiMH Battery for Electric Door Lock Brand Owner

Requirement of Electric Door Lock Brand Owner

The brand owner of electric door locks planned to switch from using CR2032 coin cell batteries to a 1/2A NiMH battery pack for their brand new products, in order to provide a more sustainable and cost-effective power solution for customers. By making this change, they can deliver a battery pack that is rechargeable and long-lasting to support their electronic door locks.

Custom 1/2A NiMH Battery Solutions

We suggested customizing 1/2A NiMH batteries to meet the low voltage and long lifetime requirements of the electronic door locks after analyzing the power demands. We worked closely with the brand and provided ongoing support to optimize the performance of the NiMH battery pack. The new battery pack allows the door locks to operate for a longer time without needing to replace the batteries, providing both environmental and economic benefits to customers.

Case Study-A NiMH battery for Smart Lock
Custom A NiMH Battery
What sizes of A NiMH batteries can you produce?

We can produce standard A size NiMH batteries and A slim sizes, such as 1/3A size, 1/2A size, 4/5A size and others. Standard A NiMH battery size is 49.5mm*16.5mm, while 4/5A NiMH battery size is 42.5mm*16.5mm.

What capacities range do your custom A NiMH batteries cover?

We can manufacture NiMH batteries with capacities ranging from under 100mAh up to 20,000mAh and higher, depending on the battery size.

Do you provide A NiMH battery warranty, replacement, or recycling services?

Yes, we can provide a warranty, replacement, and even end-of-life recycling services for our custom A NiMH battery customers.

What voltage options do you offer for custom A NiMH batteries and custom A NiMH battery pack?

The most common voltage options for NiMH batteries are 1.2V (single cell), while for A NiMH battery pack, the voltage could be 2.4V (2 cells), 3.6V (3 cells), and higher multiples of 1.2V. We can produce batteries at the voltage you require.

Do you offer charge indicators or protection PCBs for custom A NiMH battery packs? Yes, we can build charge indicators, protection circuits, and battery monitoring into custom A NiMH battery packs to your specifications.

Yes, we can build charge indicators, protection circuits, and battery monitoring into custom A NiMH battery packs to your specifications.

Can you customize the appearance of A NiMH batteries?

Yes, we can produce A NiMH batteries with customized colors, labels, printing, and more to match your branding or device needs.

Is there an additional fee for product design or tooling with a custom A NiMH order?

Fees for product design, tooling, and other set-up depend on the complexity of your custom A NiMH battery requirements. We provide quotes on a case-by-case basis.

What are the benefits of custom A NiMH batteries?

Custom A NiMH batteries can be designed to fit your exact product specifications. They provide high energy density, long life cycle, and environmentally friendly chemistry.

What are the charging requirements for A NiMH batteries?

A Size NiMH batteries require constant current and constant voltage chargers. Charging current and duration will depend on the capacity and voltage of your specific NiMH battery. We can recommend a suitable charger for your needs.

Do you offer test samples for A NiMH battery?

Yes, we can produce prototype samples in small quantities (100s or 1000s of units) for testing purposes before full-scale production. Additional fees apply for prototype builds.

What certifications do you offer for A NiMH batteries or custom A NiMH battery pack?

We can certify A size NiMH batteries or custom A NiMH battery pack to UL, CE, RoHS, and UN standards. Specific certifications will depend on the application and country where the batteries are used. We could discuss more regarding the certifications

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