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Custom 18650 Lithium ion Battery

Key Features

1. High energy density. 2. Long cycle life, more than 500 cycles.
3. Environmental Friendly Chemistry. 4. High Rate Charge/Discharge.
5. No memory effects, High-output and high-load characteristics. 6. Low self-discharge rate: under 3% self-discharge for one year.
7. Comply with IEC62133 CB CE safety standard 8. Safe to ship: MSDS, UN38.3 cert. Application: power tools, flashlights, medical devices, self-b.balancing scooters, power banks, electric motorcycles, E-cigarettes and so on.
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Free Battery Samples Available Flexible MOQs (100 pcs) 15 Days Average Lead Time Quick Response within 24 Hours Bulk Order at Factory Prices FCC, RoHS and CE certified
Free Battery Samples Available
Flexible MOQs (From 100 pcs)
15 Days Average Lead Time
Quick Response within 24 Hours
Bulk Order at Factory Prices
FCC, RoHS and CE certified

Custom 18650 Cylindrical Lithium ion Battery

For more information on our custom NIMH battery pack assembly options, please contact our sales team or request a quote today for direct pricing information. weijiang is an industry leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art custom NIMH battery pack components.

Custom 18650 Cylindrical Lithium ion Battery
Q1: What is an 18650 lithium-ion battery?

A1: An 18650 lithium-ion battery is a rechargeable cylindrical cell with dimensions of 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. It is widely used in various electronic devices, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems due to its high energy density and long cycle life.

Q2: Why might I need a custom 18650 battery?

A2: Custom 18650 batteries are designed to meet specific voltage, capacity, and size requirements that standard batteries cannot fulfill. They are tailored for unique applications in areas such as medical devices, specialized electronics, or custom-built electric vehicles.

Q3: What customization options are available for 18650 batteries?

A3: Customization options include:
- Capacity: Adjusting the milliamp-hour (mAh) rating for longer runtime.
- Voltage: Configuring series and parallel connections for desired voltage and capacity.
- Shape and Size: Creating battery packs of specific dimensions.
- Connectors and Terminals: Different types of connectors for easy integration.
- Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs): Adding safety features like overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection.

Q4: Can I choose specific brands or cells for my custom battery pack?

A4: Yes, you can specify particular brands or cell models known for their performance, reliability, or specific characteristics required for your application.

Q5: How do custom 18650 batteries compare in performance to standard ones?

A5: Custom 18650 batteries can offer superior performance tailored to your needs, such as higher capacity, better thermal management, and optimized discharge rates. However, the performance depends on the quality of the cells and the design of the battery pack.

Q6: Are custom 18650 batteries safe?

A6: When designed and assembled correctly, custom 18650 batteries can be very safe. It is crucial to include protection circuits and follow industry standards to prevent risks like overheating, short circuits, and thermal runaway.

Q7: What are common applications for custom 18650 batteries?

A7: Custom 18650 batteries are used in:
- Medical devices
- Power tools
- Electric bicycles and scooters
- Portable power banks
- Robotics
- Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
- Custom electronic projects

Q8: Can custom 18650 batteries be used in high-drain devices?

A8: Yes, custom 18650 batteries can be designed for high-drain applications by selecting cells with high discharge rates and ensuring proper thermal management.

Q9: What information do I need to provide to order a custom 18650 battery?

A9: When ordering, you should provide details such as:
- Desired voltage and capacity
- Physical dimensions and shape
- Application and power requirements
- Connector types
- Any specific brand or model preferences for the cells
- Required safety features

Q10: How long does it take to manufacture a custom 18650 battery pack?

A10: The manufacturing time can vary based on the complexity of the design and the volume of the order. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Q11: How can I extend the lifespan of my custom 18650 battery?

A11: To extend the lifespan:
- Avoid deep discharging and overcharging.
- Store in a cool, dry place.
- Use a proper charger designed for lithium-ion batteries.
- Follow the recommended usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Q12: What should I do if my custom 18650 battery pack is not performing well?

A12: If performance issues arise, check for:
- Proper charging and discharging practices.
- Any visible damage or swelling of the cells.
- Connection issues with terminals or connectors.
- Seek professional assistance for repair or replacement if needed.

Q13: Are there any environmental concerns with 18650 batteries?

A13: Yes, lithium-ion batteries contain materials that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. It’s important to recycle batteries at designated facilities to prevent environmental contamination.

Q14: Are there any legal regulations for shipping custom 18650 batteries?

A14: Yes, shipping lithium-ion batteries is regulated due to their potential hazards. Ensure compliance with local and international shipping regulations, including proper packaging, labeling, and documentation.

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