Manufacturer or trading company? Where is the company located?
Huizhou Shenzhou Super Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in environmentally friendly batteries, located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

What types of batteries does the Weijiang manufacturer produce?
Main Product: NiMH rechargeable batteries, Nimh Battery packs, lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery packs, alkaline batteries, and button cells.

What are the main application areas of your batteries?
Nickel-metal hydride batteries: Consumer electronics, medical equipment, and industrial devices.
Lithium batteries: Consumer electronics, power tools, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.
Button batteries: Small electronic devices, medical equipment, and computers.
Alkaline batteries: Portable consumer electronics, home devices, and industrial applications.

What are the advantages of your battery product?
Our NiMH battery products have a high energy density ratio, low self-discharge rate, long cycle life, and good high power characteristics. They meet international environmental standards, such as ROHS and REACH certification, and pass relevant safety performance tests to ensure that the products are safe and reliable during use.

What is your quality control system like?
Our company implements a complete quality control system that complies with ISO-9001 quality system certification, and our products have obtained CE, UL, ROHS standard certification, and REACH certification, ensuring that the products meet strict quality and environmental standards during the design, production, and delivery process.

How do you handle customized requirements?
Our company welcomes customized product requirements. Customers can provide specific technical requirements and design parameters by communicating with our technical team. Our customization process includes demand collection, technical evaluation, sample making, sample testing, and final production. We are committed to providing customized battery solutions based on the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that the products can fully meet their specific application requirements and performance standards.

Can you provide samples? How to get samples?
We provide samples for customer evaluation and testing. Customers can get more information and submit sample requests by contacting our sales team or visiting our official website. Generally, we can provide free samples, but sample shipping fees may be charged, depending on the customer's location and demand volume. We will try our best to arrange a fast shipment of samples and provide tracking information to ensure that customers can receive and evaluate the performance and quality of the samples in time.

Can we use the specified packing method?
Yes, our consumer batteries can be packed using methods such as Shrink Packing, Blister Packing for supermarkets, Paper Card packing as required by European supermarkets, or boxed packaging. We also offer customization for supermarket-specific Floor Display branding.

What is your delivery time?
We usually determine the exact delivery time (estimated to be 30 days) based on the specific quantity and requirements of the battery order. Our logistics team will ensure that the order is shipped in a timely manner after production is completed to meet the customer's time requirements and logistics needs.

What is your after-sales service like?
We provide Nimh and Lithium batteries with a 2-year quality assurance period. Alkaline and button cell has a one-year quality assurance period. If customers have any after-sales needs or questions, they can contact our customer service team at any time to get timely support and solutions.