R & D

The main R&D personnel are composed of graduate students and undergraduates majoring in materials science, chemical engineering, chemical application, and electronic engineering from national key universities, with more than 16 years of industry development experience.

Familiar with analog, digital circuits, various battery protection components, good at low self-discharge, high capacity, high and low temperature, power type and other nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery materials and processes, battery application and other program design.

Proficient in PROTEL99SE, POWEPCB PROE, CAD and other circuit design software, have in-depth research on various processing technologies such as battery series and parallel, injection molding, ultrasonic, glue, sheet metal, etc., can solve various problems in product structure and performance for you.

R & D team

Main test equipment

Battery high-temperature test

Battery performance test

Battery pack production area

Battery charge and discharge and life test

Battery Load Simulation Test

Battery protection board test

Battery pole piece structure test

Battery Chemical Test Analysis

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