Custom AA NiMH Battery
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Custom AA NiMH Battery

Provide AA NiMH Battery Solutions for Every Need

Weijiang Power provides AA NiMH batteries in all sizes, including standard AA size NiMH battery, 1/3AA size NiMH battery, 1/2AA size NiMH battery, and more. Low self-discharge, high-capacity, built-in USB port, and high-drain AA NiMH rechargeable batteries are also available for particular needs.

Custom AA NiMH Battery

Custom AA NiMH Batteries for Different Energy Needs and Use Cases

AA NiMH rechargeable batteries offer endless versatility for users to power their devices, from cameras to toys to flashlights with the satisfaction of producing less waste and saving more money over the long run. They can power devices for home use, hobby gadgets, and portable electronics. NiMH batteries are a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical choice for many applications where high-performance batteries are required. NiMH batteries have a longer lifespan than NiCad batteries, meaning they can be recharged and used more times before needing to be replaced. Many people are replacing NiMH batteries with NiCad batteries all over the world.

AA NiMH Battery Application

Perfect Custom Solutions for AA NiMH Battery

With the ability to customize the size, capacity, discharge rate, cycle life, package, and voltage of AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, the possibilities are endless for powering the devices. Custom AA NiMH batteries can be designed to meet specific voltage, capacity, and shape requirements, making them an ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their device's performance and reduce their environmental impact using rechargeable batteries. 

Custom Options for AA NiMH Battery

Detail Specifications for AA NiMH Batteries in All Sizes

 Size Capacity (mAh)   Voltage (V)  Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Standard Charge Current (mA) Standard Charge Time (h)
1/3AA 300 1.2 13.9 16.5±0.5 35 12
1/3AA 350 1.2 13.9 16.5±0.5 35 12
1/2AA 550 1.2 13.9 23.5±0.5 55 12
1/2AA 600 1.2 13.9 23.5±0.5 60 12
1/2AA 550 1.2 13.9 25.0±0.5 55 12
1/2AA 600 1.2 13.9 25.0±0.5 60 12
2/3AA 550 1.2 13.9 28.0±0.5 55 12
2/3AA 600 1.2 13.9 28.0±0.5 60 12
2/3AA 700 1.2 13.9 28.0±0.5 70 12
2/3AA 800 1.2 13.9 29.0±0.5 80 12
4/5AA 1000 1.2 13.9 40.0±0.5 100 12
4/5AA 1100 1.2 13.9 40.0±0.5 110 12
4/5AA 1200 1.2 13.9 42.0±0.5 120 12
AA 1200 1.2 13.9 42.0±0.5 120 12
AA 1300 1.2 13.9 48.0±0.5 130 12
AA 1500 1.2 13.9 48.0±0.5 150 12
AA 1600 1.2 13.9 48.0±0.5 160 12
AA 1800 1.2 14.1 48.0±0.5 180 12
AA 2000 1.2 14.1 50.0±0.5 200 12
AA 2100 1.2 14.1 50.0±0.5 210 12
AA 2200 1.2 14.1 50.0±0.5 220 12
7/5AA 1800 1.2 13.9 65.5±0.5 180 12
7/5AA 2100 1.2 13.9 65.5±0.5 210 12

Case Study-Custom 2/3 AA NiMH Battery for RC Airplane Brand

Requirement of RC Airplane Owner

The brand owner of RC airplane planned to switch from using a LiPo battery pack to a NiMH battery pack in order to meet the changing needs of their customers and increase their profitability. By making this change, they can provide customers with a more cost-effective and sustainable power source for RC airplane enthusiasts.

Custom 2/3AA NiMH Battery Solutions

We suggested customizing 2/3 AA NiMH batteries to meet the specific voltage and capacity requirements of each airplane model after conducting market research. We worked closely with the brand and provided ongoing support to help optimize the performance of the NiMH battery. The brand differentiates its RC airplanes from the competition and achieves greater profit with the new power solutions.

NiMH Battery Pack for RC Airplanes
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Custom AA NiMH Battery
What are the advantages of custom AA NiMH rechargeable batteries? Custom NiMH batteries can be designed to fit your device's exact power needs. They provide high energy density, long life cycles, and are environmentally friendly.

Custom NiMH batteries can be designed to fit your device's exact power needs. They provide high energy density, long life cycles, and are environmentally friendly.

What sizes and shapes can you make for custom AA NiMH batteries?

We can produce custom AA NiMH batteries in almost any size to suit your requirements. 1/3AA NiMH battery, 1/2AA NiMH battery, 2/3AA NiMH battery, and other AA NiMH batteries are all possible.

What are the voltage and capacity options for custom AA NiMH battery and NiMH battery pack?

Voltage can range from 1.2V, 2.4V, and 3.6V to over 10V for custom AA NiMH battery packs, while the voltage for a single custom AA NiMH cell is 1.2V. Capacity options for a single custom AA NiMH cell range from under 300mAh up to over 2,100mAh depending on your power requirements.

What is the expected battery life for custom AA NiMH battery?

Custom AA NiMH batteries typically provide 300 to 500 full discharge cycles before capacity drops to 80% of the initial rating. Some high-quality batteries can reach over 1000 cycles.

How long does it take to design and produce a custom AA NiMH battery and NiMH battery pack?

The design and production process usually takes 1 to 2 days for a custom AA NiMH battery and 3 to 4 days for a custom NiMH battery pack, depending on the complexity of your requirements. Our team will work closely with you through every step to ensure the result meets your needs.

What certifications and safety standards do your custom AA NiMH rechargeable batteries meet?

Our custom NiMH batteries are certified to meet ISO, IEC, UL, and CE standards. We also meet transportation certifications such as UN38.3 and MSDS report.

Can you add special features like battery monitoring for custom AA NiMH battery packs?

Yes, we can build features such as charge indicators, battery monitoring, and built-in charge control or charge protection circuits per your specifications.

How are your AA NiMH batteries and battery pack tested?

All custom AA NiMH batteries and NiMH battery packs undergo extensive prototyping and testing to verify capacity, life, and safety before shipping. We test in accordance with all major standards bodies.

What is your minimum order quantity for custom AA NiMH batteries?

We accept custom NiMH battery orders of almost any size, however, for the most cost-effective pricing, we recommend a minimum initial order quantity of 1,000 to over 100,000 units depending on your needs.

Where are your AA NiMH rechargeable batteries manufactured?

We manufacture custom NiMH batteries in China and the United States. We select the location based on your most important needs, such as cost, speed of delivery, or control over intellectual property.

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